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Finale time!

The final three have spent the past days being boring beyond belief – so I thought we needed one last thread for the season. :) Finale just two days away, Wednesday night, right after the premiere of Survivor – What an AWESOME evening!

Thanks for hanging and making me laugh with all your comments this season! I don’t know if/when I’ll be able to blog here for real again, maybe things will have settled down next season. For those that want it – this is my personal facebook.

Ya’ll be good now, ya hear? :)

(and also – GO LANE!)
(because he makes me laugh, duh.)
(even if Hayden’ll probably get it.)
(that’s ok too.)
(long as its not enzo.)

And then there were four…

Hayden’s HOH. :)

Oh hey, guess what happened last Thursday? LANE’S the HOH!

..heh. whoops, forgot the new thread! Sorry, ya’ll! :)

Britney’s the HOH!

And it’s a whole new ball game…. or is it?

It’s Brendon’s Week!

Whatever will he do? *chuckles*

Now it’s Matt’s Week – part 2!


Someone ain’t happy. Hee.

Take it away, my BBCrazies :)

Rachel Week – part two!

….srsly? Why did she have to win?!


Have at it, BBCrazies!

Week 3: Matt’s week!

Here’s a new open thread, ya’ll!

And also – Billy’s link for the chat ya’ll used tonight… it’s here:


Enjoy! :)

Monday -Open thread! :)

Have at it, Lovelies!

It’s Rachel Week! Heaven help us!

Friday open Thread! :)

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